Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q Why Zontrack?
    A As FBA sellers on Amazon we couldn't find an app which was a quick, easy way to track multiple products we were selling. The Seller Central app didn't give us what we needed, especially a breakdown by each of our ASINs. The other tools were all expensive or web based. We needed a tool we could use which was designed for mobile, which we could use wherever and whenever we needed, and would let us know when there were any significant changes to our listings. Zontrack addresses all these issues and more!
  • Q What Amazon marketplace does Zontrack Support?
    A Zontrack currently supports US and UK marketplaces, with other marketplaces coming soon!
  • Q Can I Use Zontrack on my Phone/iPad?
    A Of course! Zontrack has been designed with mobile devices in mind. Currently we support iOS, with Android support coming soon!

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